wild new spiritual musical screenplay - "The Goddess Bubble""

"The Goddess Bubble" - a wild new musical screenplay!

My name is Zorah Staar, and I'm a SONGWRITER who makes radically uplifting multi-spirit music... honouring many paths to our own biggest selves. You can hear MP3 song excerpts below.

I'm also a SCREENWRITER, and winner of the 2009 "Spirit of Moondance" award for Best Musical Feature Screenplay (from the Moondance International Film Festival of Boulder, Colorado).

The name of this wild new spiritual musical is "THE GODDESS BUBBLE". First came the successful live theatre show (see poster at right/above), then a soundtrack CD, and now the screenplay for a movie-to-be. What's the story?

"The Goddess Bubble" is a playful, mystically intense, pop-rock musical... like "Mama Mia" meets "Avatar"... but on a freaky rainforest island in the Pacific Northwest. A desperate city woman (called "V") washes up here, and if she can survive her deadly pursuers, she'll help her new friends save this magical little piece of Earth.

Who's waiting for V...? on a luminous green island of giant trees, now on the razor's edge of devastation. V's tough edges will bump up hard against this community of quirky islanders... and their fierce spirit-singers. Meanwhile, Conrado (a tree-loving forester, originally from Ecuador) stumbles into V. So begins the dance of these two wounded ones, along with Conrado's journey of conscience. There's another even more damaged man (nicknamed "J.J."), an environmentalist? but from the same dirty streets as V. His pursuit of her began long ago, and now he's on the island too, and closer to explosion than giving up.

Yet magic is everywhere... stormy ocean, midnight beach, even at the mini-mall or rundown pub of this loving community. Ancient nature ones, intertwined He/She/Spirits of all that is... pull V into a mystically healing, BUBBLE universe... And MUSIC (chanting, soaring, radically uplifting pop and rock) is leading her home. But no home is safe, when you're fighting deadly shadows of your past, and also the big metal machines that would blindly churn through what remains of our Earth. Here it's the Trufor Inc. logging machines... being fiercely faced down by a ragged band of island warriors.

But we're just regular little humans, not superior beings like in "Avatar". So against such insane worldwide odds, where is the courage, and the love... big enough to help V, or Conrado, or any of us? SPIRIT. Human, Nature, and Greater Ones... all connected. When the people in "The Goddess Bubble" take action from THAT - from their biggest self, their real avatar - then they have the fire and the resilience, to help transform this world.

Anyone wanting more information about my screenplay can contact me at (250) 629-3825 or email cmzs(at)shaw.ca (replace "at" with @). And as for the music, here are some excerpts...

"Isis, Astarte, Buddha, Jesus" - radical, many-spirit, chanting dance-pop (also from Oliver Swain & others*),
"Pagan and Proud" - a bit of bouncier "pagan pop",
"The Goddess Blew A Bubble" - from the soaring, symphonic finale,
"Just a Tree" - a save-the-earth rocker (wait for it), and
"Jesus Bids Us Shine" - Jesus welcomed into the world of the musical!

All five of these songs are on my 20-song CD for "THE GODDESS BUBBLE" (available at Buy a CD). My earlier "pagan pop" CD is also still available for sample listening or purchase.

Blessed be to all you beautiful sparks out there, courageously loving and transforming our world!

*Please note that "Isis, Asarte, Buddha, Jesus" includes (with permission) some chanting originally written by spiritual inspirations Deena Metzger, Caitlin McMullin, and Starhawk. You are invited to go to "What's New" (bottom of page) to read the CREDITS for all those who contributed so much to the creation of the "The Goddess Bubble" CD and/or the original live theatre version of the musical (called "The Goddess Blew a Bubble").

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