What's New: songwriting, screenwriting, coordinating...

My name is Zorah Staar, and I'm a SONGWRITER who makes radically uplifting music... honouring many paths to our own biggest selves. You can hear MP3 song excerpts below.

A big "What's New" for me is being the coordinator of a group helping my community to be more sustainable and resilient! (the Heartwood Folk School).

But art can help change communities too, and even our world. Aspiring to that, I'm also a SCREENWRITER, and winner of a "Best Musical Feature Screenplay" award from the Moondance International Film Festival (Boulder, Colorado, 2009).

The name of this wild new musical is "THE GODDESS BUBBLE". First came the successful live theatre show (see poster above), then a soundtrack CD, and now the screenplay for a movie-to-be. What's the story?

"The Goddess Bubble" is a radically uplifting, pop-rock musical... like "Mama Mia" meets "Avatar" meets a new kind of female hero... to save a freaky rainforest island in the Pacific Northwest.

A tough but desperate city woman (called "V") washes up in this luminous green, magically-real community, where folks are busy learning skills with quirky style, and transforming how they live. If V can survive the deadly pursuers from her past, then her courage and gifts will help her colorful new island friends... in a fierce battle to protect one of the rarest Northern Rainforests on earth.

See here for the full SCREENPLAY DESCRIPTION for "The Goddess Bubble" musical, and you can contact me (Zorah Staar) at (250) 629-3825 or email cmzs(at)shaw.ca (replace "at" with @). And as for the music...

"Isis, Astarte, Buddha, Jesus" - radical, chant-based pagan pop
"Pagan and Proud" - a bouncier pop anthem
"The Goddess Blew A Bubble" - the soaring finale,
"Just a Tree" - a save-the-earth rocker, and
"Jesus Bids Us Shine" - Jesus joins the musical!

All 5 of these songs are on my 20-song CD for "THE GODDESS BUBBLE" (available at Buy a CD). My earlier "pagan pop" CD is also still available for sample listening or purchase.

Blessed be to all you beautiful sparks out there, courageously loving and transforming our world!

Plus SPECIAL THANKS to those who played a role in the creation of "The Goddess Bubble" CD and/or live show (listed below).

CD CREDITS: Please note that in addition to Zorah Staar's singing and musical performance, the "Goddess Bubble" CD also includes singing by Oliver Swain, Dana McConchie, Alan Neil, Tracey Gillespie and Serena Van Bakel, bass playing by Charlie Knowles on 1 song, as well as (with permission) versions of brief well-known "Isis, Asarte/She Changes Everything" chants written by Deena Metzger, Caitlin McMullin, and Starhawk.

LIVE SHOW CREDITS: Here are the people who volunteered so much time and energy to help workshop and then be part of the 2006 live theatre version of the musical (called "The Goddess Blew a Bubble") - most importantly first Director and Editor Bronwen Merle, Canadian musical theatre legend Jeff Hyslop (who led the workshopping), and also: Pam Connolly, Mo Cordes, Jamie Church, Robert Dill, Kelly Dine, Jane Dix, Megan Fisher, Allie George, Colleen Fitz-Gerald, Maureen Glazer, Tracey Gillespie, Loralee Gower, Colin Hamilton, Petra Hartt, Julie Johnston, Mary-Ellen Kroetsch, Sophia Keim, Mani Lang, Jacquie Main, Leslie McBain, Kathy McIntyre, Yvonne MacKenzie, Rick McMullen, Dana McConchie, Kathy Newcomb, Greg Nicholls, Jaime Nicholson, Bev O'Sullivan, Michael Pelletier, Ursula Poepel, Al Powelson, Jay Raichura, Gordon Resvick, Kathleen Resvick, Tania Schissler, Fay Schwartz, Mo Searle, Ethan Smith, Wendy Soares, Coo Souten, Drennan Trelford, Susan Trice, Serena Van Bakel, Keith Watt, Lynne Wells, Alan White, the Pender Solstice Theatre Society, the Victoria Foundation, and Spirit/Goddess/God, co-creator of all!